Friday, 24 February 2012

Op-shopping....material goodies

Today was actually grocery shopping day but I decided to save fuel & go to Spotlight (big Aussie fabric etc store) as I needed toy stuffing, & then on the way home check out some op-shops....hmmm, how terrible a task ;-)

Mousie at the moment is having swimming lessons at school as she is lucky enough to go to a public school that has it's own pool. I found a really groovy brand name sun-top for her (she is growing so fast that her sun-suit is getting to the stage of cutting her in half...ouch!) at Vinnies for $1...hardly or not used....bargain!

How 'groovy' is this? I love the pattern!!

I also seem to be in the habit lately of finding vintage souvenir hankies, so I grabbed
those too...

Sydney is still in it's original wrapping, while the QLD ones
are somewhat newer

Tableclothes, of course, are another weakness...

Cooktown, Qld

50's (?) orange & floral...
Last of all...a wonderful double bed sheet...

I really love need to see it close-up....
You'd love it 'Aussie" Dee!

Have lot's of ideas for these fabrics! xxx :-)


  1. Great finds look forward to seeing what you make with the fabrics. dee x

  2. Oh my goodness, UK Dee (I have an Aus Dee now too), you are very quick off the mark! xxx
    How are you & the boys? email me!

  3. Hahahaha Neens.. I WENT op shopping yesterday toooooooo!! Hubby was home due to the rain.. so I got a free pass .. Foud some treasures!! xx Love the table cloth.. gorgeously bright and very you! :)

    1. Can't wait to see your treasures Lise! xxx