Tuesday, 12 February 2013

NinaV is back in the saddle...so to speak!

Take 2...just had my post nearly finished including pics and everything disappeared...

Hello there...sigh...
Finally I'm back with my new computer, feeling all upbeat but now feeling annoyed...
I've had the new laptop since late November but have been trying to negotiate my way around windows8 which can be very interesting but also very frustrating...see above introduction...Leaping from XP to 8 is a big eye opener to say the least ...

I've been trying to keep up with all my favourite blogs but have missed so much over the last 6+ months. I've spent a lot of time procrastinating but have also managed to come up with some new toy designs (still on paper) and mobiles and have had (am having) fun with vintage sheets/pillowcases/teatowels and bits and pieces.

Here is some of what I've been up to:

A Christmas dress made from a huge opshopped pillow case in festive fabric and decorated with re-purposed gold ribbon. Mousie finished it off with a tinsel sash and a dolly that she said was the girl Jesus...lol.

"There's a birdie in my pocket", vintage sheet girls (3-4yrs) dress with vintage ribbon straps and birds from a vintage Aussie bird teatowel.

 Aquarius mobile for a friend having her baby any day...Mum is a Taurus and  is featured at the top...Miss Aquarius has her friends the water sprites and mermaids to frolic with (some of these little felt creatures are based on ones featured in "Zodiac Felties" (hope I got the name right) a wonderful craft book.

Some of my "name mobiles"...I make them horizontal or vertical depending on my mood ;-)

I shall be back again soon with some pics from suburban farm/zoo...and some more creations when I manage to transfer them (scratching head  :-0)
Keep happy and safe...Nina x

Monday, 28 May 2012

Computer Meltdown

I'm having major computer and camera difficulties so won't be able to post anything with picture as I can't afford to get either fixed. I'm writing this from our local library, which I'll try and get into at least twice a week so I can at least see what everyone else is up to.
See you at your 'places".
Nina x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Creating...Pony Carousel

Iv'e been busy with a few different projects & procrastinations, but finally have something to show. I don't really give much away about myself (typical Scorpio) but I have a condition that causes, at times, chronic fatigue of the muscle fibres, specially around certain times of the month...and 'specially this month!! So I've been hand-sewing, with some difficulty, at a slower rate! (Like I'm typing this...super ouch effort!!).
I've been working on a recycled fabric cushion...

Well..obviously....not a cushion in sight!!!

My wonderful Pony Carousel instead!!   I am so proud...the photos don't quite do it justice!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Anzac Day

"At the rising of the sun...lest we forget"
Today is Anzac day & for the first time in forever I've actually watched (on TV) the dawn service. I'm a pacifist, so war to me is abhorrent. My Dad is a Vietnam Vet, my Grandfathers & Granduncles fought in WW2 & my great Grandfathers & Uncles fought in WW1 etc, etc...I live in a community that includes one of the most significant Air Force bases in Australia; the very base that my Dad ended up being in a squadren
 back in 1968. I'm not proud to remember the fact that they 'had' to go to war but I admire them & I'm proud of what they had to do! Do you understand' the difference??

Back left is my great Uncle Jimmy.
He died in WW2 after only a few
days on the front. The rear right is my
 Mum's Dad...he was in the Navy &
ended up in Darwin, defending  Aus
against the Japanese.
My great Uncle Jim (another one).
He served in Papua New Guinea.
This is my Dad heading off to Vietnam in 1968. The little one of course is me, and my Mum is looking distressed but being brave & trying to hide it. I didn't see my Dad for nearly a year, so I didn't know who he was when he came back. I tried to explain this to Mousie but I don't think she really understood (that's alright though). In later years he talked a bit about what it was like to be fighting in a war that really was none of our business. He said that when they flew home they were spit upon & booed. Because he was in the Air Force he had no choice but to go to war & then there were the poor buggers that were called up under conscription. Only 2 years ago he was finally awarded with his medals: Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm- Unit Citation & United States Air Force Outstanding Unit Award (with combat V Device). It's a big difference between how the old veterans were/are treated & the new guys in Afganistan etc.
Anyways...in my 15 years doing family history research I've found many war heroes in my family tree but the pics I've included were ones I already had on the computer, so even though war makes me sick...I salute you all and to those no longer with us...may you all Rest In Peace!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Collecting...bargains galore!

I'm back to the land of blog, after a bit of a break due to Mousie's birthday (day before Good Friday), Easter & school holidays...plus an extra week of me getting extremely side tracked researching a close friends' family tree which turned out to be more interesting than I expected (hi Lise!). So I've been absent from blogging, reading blogs & even sewing *gasp* as I thought I'd concentrate on being just Mum for the holidays. It didn't stop us from bargain hunting though as Mousie loves op-shops/garage sales/markets etc as much as the rest of us!..LOL!
Here is some of what we found...

My first aqua Pyrex! We went to the local markets yesterday & I found this at the first stall we saw. I had to refrain from laughing hysterically or doing a little victory dance when the lady said it was...wait for it...$1...hahahahahaha (sorry, getting hysterical again). It's in near perfect condition, just a couple of little scratches in the picture.

We loooove books...$1 each...
Mr Strong cushion to add to my Mr Men/Little Miss collection.
A girl can never have too many craft mags...
specially at $1 a piece ;-)

Mousie sized puzzles $2 each. (We love puzzles & games!)
Been searching for a decent backgammon set for years!
Near perfect condition & an extra book was inside the
case...$6. Mousie is excited about learning the game...
good for maths & logic!
Display case (nice solid wood) to house my Avon perfume
bottle collection...funnily enough perfume irritates me but
I love the old bottles...lol.
Beautiful original Kingfisher watercolour...nicely framed.
Combining 2 loves of mine...old maps & vintage tablecloths.
I'm going to add some dowel & thin rope & turn it into a wall hanging.
Another lovely vintage tablecloth.
A cute quilt cover for Mousie's bed to match
the 'bee' pillow case we found about 5 years
ago in an op-shop about an hours drive away!
(The quilt cover was in a local op-shop)

Fabrics to re purpose.
As new clip-on lamp. In Mousie's room at
the moment but I'll borrow it for night sewing

I did have a few more things but the photos turned out pretty crappy...oh well, must go & do some housework anyway...right the chaos of the weekend! Then I can get stuck into some sewing before school finishes...yay to getting the creative juices flowing...xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Collecting...I love Orange

Hopefully I will be able to post today! I have been having a lot of blogger problems of late,thus the amount of time since the last one...I've tried google chrome quite a few times but the last time it was apparently corrupted & kept shutting my computer down at really annoying times. Enough said...
Last Thursday I wanted to post about 'Say No To Bullying' Day. The day was not about raising money but encourages everyone to wear orange to show their solidarity against bullying & to raise awareness of how prolific bullying is in society, whether in the home, schoolyard, workplace, street or online. Mousie's school encouraged all the kids & parents to wear something orange, decorated the school front gates with orange balloons & streamers & also included lessons, discussions & activities on the subject.

Me, being a big lover of orange, have many things I've collected of that colour around the home...here is my tribute to ORANGE (if blogger allows me to add pictures today ;-))

Stained glass box made by my Dad..& Mr Tickle

My favourite storage boxes & one of my
many vintage craft books.

Mousey's favourite chair...also favoured
by our cat Maximus who is having a Mr. Tickle

Orange beads in an orange pyrex ramekin.

Orange fish...created & sewn by Mousie.

Some of my collection of orangey fabrics.
Most vintage, some newish.

Mousey in her orange themed skirt
(pattern made & whipped up in
under an hour by Mummy Mouse)
for 'Say No To Bullying' day.

Australian tangellos...unusual orange flowers...in my favourite
op-shopped bowl. Made in Brazil, the bowl has an attached stand
& is 30cm across. I paid $12 for it but have never seen another
even remotely like it...beautiful, & in perfect condition xxx

One very orange sunrise over Ipswich.

One very unusual *shudder* spider type beastie living
in our Macadamia tree!

Bracelet made by me for a friends' birthday.

Vintage Japanese oil & vinegar set.
Cute carafe & glasses which we do tend to use for
apple juice (on the few occasions we have juice)
Orange pyrex.
My favourite Johnsons Brothers pattern 'Poppies'
Vintage sunflower tray.
My vintage, dining room curtains...
another favourite op-shop find.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jamie Oliver & His Reception in Ipswich...

What a day we had on Saturday the 3rd!! Jamie Oliver...what a larger than life character! He is the most down to earth, passionate (about his beliefs), friendly, tenacious (I could go on) person I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in action!

Welcoming the crowd & talking about the concept behind
the Ministry of Food.

Jamie seems to have immense reserves of stamina! He explained that while it was 1pm here in Ipswich it was only 4am for him (home time). I imagine with all his travels promoting the Ministry of food, his healthy eating programs worldwide plus his learning about the food of different cultures by visiting their countries (he'd just gotten back from Mexico & cooking with the 'Mexican Mummas') he'd have learnt to re-charge his batteries very quickly!
The menu for the morning was:  CHICKEN FAJITAS WITH HOMEMADE GUACAMOLE AND SALSA....Thus the need for coriander...very, very delicious...I think the wonderful food smells would have wafted all over the district ;-) Mmmmm, feeling hungry just thinking about it! I managed or I should say Mousie managed to score a set of the laminated recipe cards (thanks boss!) so I think it will be on the menu at home this weekend...just a pity Daddy Rat isn't a big fan of capsicum...oh well he can just pick it out as usual lol.
I had my big thrill when Jamie used my NinaV grown & potted coriander in his demonstration...yum yum? I hope so, he ate it without pulling any horrified faces! hahaha!

2 of the best pots of NinaV coriander take front stage...Even
have a guard ;-)

Jamie uses the NinaV coriander...YAY...lol
Before the actual cooking started, Jamie did a tour of the audience, to pick out 4 lucky people to add to the group that was partaking in the fajita demonstration. The original group consisted of our State Premier Anna Bligh, our Ipswich Mayor Paul, a few celebs, some people that had completed a cooking course & some lucky people that had won a spot.
My 6yr old Mousie was jumping up & down saying "Can I cook with Jamie...can I cook with Jamie"...I said "No you're too young, he's looking for bigger kids"...Famous last words...he picked a 5yr old boy (Ashton, who has now been in numerous interviews etc)...Oh dear, was I frowned upon ;-(   
Anyway when he got to Mousie & I, he stood right in front of us & I got all tongue tied. So instead of shaking his hand & saying "Hi, I'm one of your volunteers *smile*...I put my camera back up & took his photo...*furious blushing*, *groan*! Oh well...
If you're interested, I was given the choice to work at the event or be in the audience...I decided to be in the audience so I could take Mousie who loves Jamie to bits (a friend had a spare ticket for Mousie & all vollies were given tickets)...I'm very happy with my choice & so is Mousie.

Jamie stands right in front of us...
Bantering with our Ipswich Mayor Paul...

Jamie with Ipswich Mayor  Paul & Qld Premier Anna Bligh
The cooking demonstration was excellent & he managed to teach, tell funny stories, & speak more about the Ministry of Food & his other healthy food endeavors at the same time...I love to see a multi-skilled man in action!

Getting the giggles telling a funny story

At the end of the demo, after he thanked everyone, he invited people to line up to have books signed etc (apparently that wasn't on the timetable...good on you Jamie). Mousie & I went over to talk to some of the other vollies & trainers & Mousie jumped in to give a hand cleaning up...She's such a good girl & was complimented for it :-)

By this stage the heavens opened, so we 2, soaked, but happy girls decided to exit stage left...

Luckily Jamie brought his brolly!....BYE Jamie & thankyou!
Contrary to what the media said later on, Jamie continued to sign books & have photos taken, did some media interviews inside & then, ignoring the wind up from his entourage, stuck around to talk to all the workers still waiting to wash all those dishes & finish cleaning up...what a genuinely nice guy! The media tried to say that he only stayed for another 1/2 hour after the demo & then let himself be hustled out by his minders...tut,tut,tut...give the guy a break!
I went in to The ministry of Food yesterday to do my usual volunteering day & what should be on the walls but some lovely messages from Jamie himself...nice one mate ;-)
One last photo from Saturday because I think it's cute...

One tired but happy Mousie at the end of the day flaked out on the lounge straight after dinner. With regards to the rubber duck...*head scratch*...I really have no idea...LOL xxx