Sunday, 18 December 2011


Christmas may to most people be about red, green, gold & silver, but to me it's about vibrancy & vavavaboom (wow factor). Orange & aqua are like a slide around the colour wheel from red & green, but I LOVE them...add some yellow & actually whatever goes & have your version of Christmas colour.
Some of my latest op-shop finds have been very vibrant & exciting to me...look & see (& yes I did mean to
This tea-towel features a roast chook, veg, condiments & some bottles of wine! it!!
The oil & vinegar set are beautiful, so bright!
Add a mustard coloured bowl & a nastursiam cup stand...all very noice!! There were also some perfume bottles which I also collect but the pics need editing. Anyway, this lot was about $3 AUS...a bargain in anyones language!
Cheers big-ears,
Neens xxx

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas in Australia Countdown

OR as our chickens might say BERGERK (panic stations)...
Have been madly juggling Christmassy tasks with my 'thrifty' kitchen makeover...
Today I was editing photos for a calendar for my Dad (what to give someone who doesn't need anything other than socks'n'undies) & of course things did not run smoothly & the task ran many hours overtime. BUT...on a positive note I managed to multi task a few things in between edits eg. mango cheek extractions while waiting for my tea to out washing...washing!? ...better go do that...Also making patterns for Christmas decorations for the young doing the final coat of paint on the kitchen window. Can't wait to put up a display unit for some of my kitchen collection tomorrow plus a budget splash back & some cork boards.
Tomorrow will be Christmas tree & decorate the house day with 6yr old mousie.
Meanwhile here is a photo of my 2011 decoration for my Grandy (Grandson) Joey & a shelf Santa for my mousie.
(Did a spell check & 'Christmas' was like ????)
Cheers my dears, Neens x
PS. Seems my other pic has gone astray...never mind!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Pyrex Eureka Moment!

I've been procrastinating & fiddle-farting about...wondering how I'm going to start my first blog post! Then...while doing a last op-shopping hurrah with one of my besties Lisa before the Qld school hols most wonderful pyrex find (after my beautiful favourite bestest yellow princess pouring bowl that was accidently broken because of my other half aka Daddy Rat) EVER...a set of 3 "Woodland" mixing bowls in beautiful condition for $10 AUS. I'm not sure whether they are the 300 or 400 series!? But I love them as they go with my 'kitchen make over on the cheap' that I am doing at the moment! I also found in the same St. Vinnies shop a glorious orange starburst colour tall casserole dish with handled lid in near perfect condition. Funnily enough , the old dear who wrapped the stuff made more scratches with her fast & thorough service than was previously there...*wince*...I'm getting more tolerant in my older age...or so I keep telling myself!!
Cheers My Dears...Neens x