Sunday, 18 December 2011


Christmas may to most people be about red, green, gold & silver, but to me it's about vibrancy & vavavaboom (wow factor). Orange & aqua are like a slide around the colour wheel from red & green, but I LOVE them...add some yellow & actually whatever goes & have your version of Christmas colour.
Some of my latest op-shop finds have been very vibrant & exciting to me...look & see (& yes I did mean to
This tea-towel features a roast chook, veg, condiments & some bottles of wine! it!!
The oil & vinegar set are beautiful, so bright!
Add a mustard coloured bowl & a nastursiam cup stand...all very noice!! There were also some perfume bottles which I also collect but the pics need editing. Anyway, this lot was about $3 AUS...a bargain in anyones language!
Cheers big-ears,
Neens xxx

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