Monday, 28 May 2012

Computer Meltdown

I'm having major computer and camera difficulties so won't be able to post anything with picture as I can't afford to get either fixed. I'm writing this from our local library, which I'll try and get into at least twice a week so I can at least see what everyone else is up to.
See you at your 'places".
Nina x

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Creating...Pony Carousel

Iv'e been busy with a few different projects & procrastinations, but finally have something to show. I don't really give much away about myself (typical Scorpio) but I have a condition that causes, at times, chronic fatigue of the muscle fibres, specially around certain times of the month...and 'specially this month!! So I've been hand-sewing, with some difficulty, at a slower rate! (Like I'm typing this...super ouch effort!!).
I've been working on a recycled fabric cushion...

Well..obviously....not a cushion in sight!!!

My wonderful Pony Carousel instead!!   I am so proud...the photos don't quite do it justice!!