Tuesday, 12 February 2013

NinaV is back in the saddle...so to speak!

Take 2...just had my post nearly finished including pics and everything disappeared...

Hello there...sigh...
Finally I'm back with my new computer, feeling all upbeat but now feeling annoyed...
I've had the new laptop since late November but have been trying to negotiate my way around windows8 which can be very interesting but also very frustrating...see above introduction...Leaping from XP to 8 is a big eye opener to say the least ...

I've been trying to keep up with all my favourite blogs but have missed so much over the last 6+ months. I've spent a lot of time procrastinating but have also managed to come up with some new toy designs (still on paper) and mobiles and have had (am having) fun with vintage sheets/pillowcases/teatowels and bits and pieces.

Here is some of what I've been up to:

A Christmas dress made from a huge opshopped pillow case in festive fabric and decorated with re-purposed gold ribbon. Mousie finished it off with a tinsel sash and a dolly that she said was the girl Jesus...lol.

"There's a birdie in my pocket", vintage sheet girls (3-4yrs) dress with vintage ribbon straps and birds from a vintage Aussie bird teatowel.

 Aquarius mobile for a friend having her baby any day...Mum is a Taurus and  is featured at the top...Miss Aquarius has her friends the water sprites and mermaids to frolic with (some of these little felt creatures are based on ones featured in "Zodiac Felties" (hope I got the name right) a wonderful craft book.

Some of my "name mobiles"...I make them horizontal or vertical depending on my mood ;-)

I shall be back again soon with some pics from suburban farm/zoo...and some more creations when I manage to transfer them (scratching head  :-0)
Keep happy and safe...Nina x