Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Collecting...I love Orange

Hopefully I will be able to post today! I have been having a lot of blogger problems of late,thus the amount of time since the last one...I've tried google chrome quite a few times but the last time it was apparently corrupted & kept shutting my computer down at really annoying times. Enough said...
Last Thursday I wanted to post about 'Say No To Bullying' Day. The day was not about raising money but encourages everyone to wear orange to show their solidarity against bullying & to raise awareness of how prolific bullying is in society, whether in the home, schoolyard, workplace, street or online. Mousie's school encouraged all the kids & parents to wear something orange, decorated the school front gates with orange balloons & streamers & also included lessons, discussions & activities on the subject.

Me, being a big lover of orange, have many things I've collected of that colour around the home...here is my tribute to ORANGE (if blogger allows me to add pictures today ;-))

Stained glass box made by my Dad..& Mr Tickle

My favourite storage boxes & one of my
many vintage craft books.

Mousey's favourite chair...also favoured
by our cat Maximus who is having a Mr. Tickle

Orange beads in an orange pyrex ramekin.

Orange fish...created & sewn by Mousie.

Some of my collection of orangey fabrics.
Most vintage, some newish.

Mousey in her orange themed skirt
(pattern made & whipped up in
under an hour by Mummy Mouse)
for 'Say No To Bullying' day.

Australian tangellos...unusual orange flowers...in my favourite
op-shopped bowl. Made in Brazil, the bowl has an attached stand
& is 30cm across. I paid $12 for it but have never seen another
even remotely like it...beautiful, & in perfect condition xxx

One very orange sunrise over Ipswich.

One very unusual *shudder* spider type beastie living
in our Macadamia tree!

Bracelet made by me for a friends' birthday.

Vintage Japanese oil & vinegar set.
Cute carafe & glasses which we do tend to use for
apple juice (on the few occasions we have juice)
Orange pyrex.
My favourite Johnsons Brothers pattern 'Poppies'
Vintage sunflower tray.
My vintage, dining room curtains...
another favourite op-shop find.


  1. A very good course and one that should be highlighted. Gorgeous photo's i do love orange its such a warm colour. That sunrise is beautiful, dee x

  2. Thanks Dee, I wasn't sure if it was a worldwide day...I'm sure most of us have been bullied at some time...*shudder* I have some memories from Primary School that were actually caused by a teacher saying something nasty...that was grade 5 & lucky for me we moved when I started High School (grade 7 in NSW, AUS) so 'only' had a year & a bit to put up with that crap!
    Orange is so happy isn't it...& that was a couple of days of crazy sunrises...from fires about 50km away!
    Nina x

  3. ooh, lovely orange treasures in your life, well except that spider beastie, pretty colour, scary looking fellow!
    Just posting (finally) about our gorgeous Tasmina so pop over soon :) xx

  4. hiya- just came over to say hi, and thanks for following my blog!

    Have to confess orange is not a favourite, but I love your Mr Man