Thursday, 1 March 2012

Creating...Kev Snuggle Koala

Tada...finally Kevin (brother to Kirsten) Snuggle Koala is finished! After the usual endless interruptions to 'creative time' (I'll have to fire that maid...haha) Kevin is ready for his time in the spotlight... 

Kev the intrepid explorer surveys the
neighbourhood from the Bottlebrush tree...

Of course being the lovable & curious creature that he is...Kevin took a turn around the yard or through the trees should that be, & surveyed the yard for any enemy dogs or cats that given half a chance would rip him to pieces!!

Back inside to pose by the janome...

Back inside again...Kevin poses by the Janome...looking very nonchalant while he munches on his BYO  gum leaves & waits to see who else might venture out...

Kev & Kirsten meet at the Janome Cafe...the hip place to
be seen!

Well hello sister, fancy seeing you here! The janome is now the Janome cafe...the hip place to be seen for Snugglebuddies & their friends ;-)  Kev & Kirsten settle down to have a yarn & share a few gum leaves...hahahaha...

Kevin or Kev is not named for anyone in particular, it's just a fine blokey Aussie name!
Kev is made from the other leg of the recycled 80's ladies trousers (see 'creating...Kirsten...') & various scrap pieces of felt plus a scrap of 2005 ikea material on the belly. He comes with his own supply of gum leaves as he is always hungry (these leaves are a permanent fixture...a bit 'magic pudding'-like!).

Next on the creating agenda (besides lunch *gurgle, gurgle* excuse my tummy) will be some pocket sized snuggle koalas to use up the bum end of the trousers. Not much will go to waste...the zipper & belt buckle will go into the hoarding holding box for future projects & the scraps into the 'scrap' bag...*eye roll*...of course.

See you tomorrow for some Jamie Oliver news that includes your truly ;-)  


  1. They look amazing Neens.. WOW! Love the colours.. and the gum leaves added on Kev's chest are a great addition.. Awesome name btw! :) xx

  2. aahhh Kev is smashing just like his sister ;-)) dee x

  3. I LOVE Kev and Kirsten, well done! :)