Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Jamie Oliver & His Reception in Ipswich...

What a day we had on Saturday the 3rd!! Jamie Oliver...what a larger than life character! He is the most down to earth, passionate (about his beliefs), friendly, tenacious (I could go on) person I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in action!

Welcoming the crowd & talking about the concept behind
the Ministry of Food.

Jamie seems to have immense reserves of stamina! He explained that while it was 1pm here in Ipswich it was only 4am for him (home time). I imagine with all his travels promoting the Ministry of food, his healthy eating programs worldwide plus his learning about the food of different cultures by visiting their countries (he'd just gotten back from Mexico & cooking with the 'Mexican Mummas') he'd have learnt to re-charge his batteries very quickly!
The menu for the morning was:  CHICKEN FAJITAS WITH HOMEMADE GUACAMOLE AND SALSA....Thus the need for coriander...very, very delicious...I think the wonderful food smells would have wafted all over the district ;-) Mmmmm, feeling hungry just thinking about it! I managed or I should say Mousie managed to score a set of the laminated recipe cards (thanks boss!) so I think it will be on the menu at home this weekend...just a pity Daddy Rat isn't a big fan of capsicum...oh well he can just pick it out as usual lol.
I had my big thrill when Jamie used my NinaV grown & potted coriander in his demonstration...yum yum? I hope so, he ate it without pulling any horrified faces! hahaha!

2 of the best pots of NinaV coriander take front stage...Even
have a guard ;-)

Jamie uses the NinaV
Before the actual cooking started, Jamie did a tour of the audience, to pick out 4 lucky people to add to the group that was partaking in the fajita demonstration. The original group consisted of our State Premier Anna Bligh, our Ipswich Mayor Paul, a few celebs, some people that had completed a cooking course & some lucky people that had won a spot.
My 6yr old Mousie was jumping up & down saying "Can I cook with Jamie...can I cook with Jamie"...I said "No you're too young, he's looking for bigger kids"...Famous last words...he picked a 5yr old boy (Ashton, who has now been in numerous interviews etc)...Oh dear, was I frowned upon ;-(   
Anyway when he got to Mousie & I, he stood right in front of us & I got all tongue tied. So instead of shaking his hand & saying "Hi, I'm one of your volunteers *smile*...I put my camera back up & took his photo...*furious blushing*, *groan*! Oh well...
If you're interested, I was given the choice to work at the event or be in the audience...I decided to be in the audience so I could take Mousie who loves Jamie to bits (a friend had a spare ticket for Mousie & all vollies were given tickets)...I'm very happy with my choice & so is Mousie.

Jamie stands right in front of us...
Bantering with our Ipswich Mayor Paul...

Jamie with Ipswich Mayor  Paul & Qld Premier Anna Bligh
The cooking demonstration was excellent & he managed to teach, tell funny stories, & speak more about the Ministry of Food & his other healthy food endeavors at the same time...I love to see a multi-skilled man in action!

Getting the giggles telling a funny story

At the end of the demo, after he thanked everyone, he invited people to line up to have books signed etc (apparently that wasn't on the timetable...good on you Jamie). Mousie & I went over to talk to some of the other vollies & trainers & Mousie jumped in to give a hand cleaning up...She's such a good girl & was complimented for it :-)

By this stage the heavens opened, so we 2, soaked, but happy girls decided to exit stage left...

Luckily Jamie brought his brolly!....BYE Jamie & thankyou!
Contrary to what the media said later on, Jamie continued to sign books & have photos taken, did some media interviews inside & then, ignoring the wind up from his entourage, stuck around to talk to all the workers still waiting to wash all those dishes & finish cleaning up...what a genuinely nice guy! The media tried to say that he only stayed for another 1/2 hour after the demo & then let himself be hustled out by his minders...tut,tut,tut...give the guy a break!
I went in to The ministry of Food yesterday to do my usual volunteering day & what should be on the walls but some lovely messages from Jamie himself...nice one mate ;-)
One last photo from Saturday because I think it's cute...

One tired but happy Mousie at the end of the day flaked out on the lounge straight after dinner. With regards to the rubber duck...*head scratch*...I really have no idea...LOL xxx


  1. What a fabulous day! He does always come across as a genuinely nice man who cares passionately about food and the effects that the wrong food choices have on people.

    1. Yes Miss scarlet, it certainly was a wonderful day. Apparently, the next group on his agenda is the health & well being of Mums & Bubs...many thumbs up from us girls at the MOF :-)

  2. Wow what a great day out Jamie is a top man i agree ;-) Bless mousie she looks so cute. What a lovely memory for her. dee xx

    1. Miss dee, he certainly is a top bloke! It would be nice if some of the media would give him a break & focus on the issues at hand...someone always has to not play nice & try & make the other look bad.Oh dear...grrr ;-)
      Mousie sure is a cutie & kids look even cuter in their sleep don't they :-)
      Nina xx

  3. Me again. Thank you so much for your lovely comment i was fasinated with your family history the castle is now a hotel and a very posh and expensive one to. Its amazing to think that over stealing a sheep it changed your familys life for ever with relocating. Thank you for sharing that with me. It has made me want to look at the history of Taunton more i have lived here for 21 years now but i don't really know much about its history. Have a lovely weekend, dee x x

    1. Hey Dee, Been trying to get back to problems...grrr...apparent solar flares causing problems over Aus????
      Did you ever get to see the castle as a castle? I have some great pics saved on my computer (somewhere) showing it in it's heyday. Oh, I forgot to say, James also got caught a second time, stealing a shovel, & that's what got 'im sent down the nick!...transported in this case! The shovel was probably for burying the sheep bones after they made use of the meat, head, wool etc ;-)
      So where are you from originally?
      Nina x