Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Op shopping finds

I went to our local post office on Monday to 'farewell' Tasmina as she makes her way to her new home in Tasmania & decided to have a quick look at the little Lifeline op shop nearby. I mainly wanted to check out the sewing bits & pieces but of course 'had' to have a quick look at everything else ;-)
Luckily enough I found some nice thick french embroidery thread in black for 50cents...lucky because I'd just run out of black! The Pyrex carafe I'd spotted weeks ago & had said to myself that if it was still there the next time I looked I'd buy it. Sure enough it was still there peering down at me from a top shelf. This is the first one I've seen that still has it's lid, so for $3 I'm delighted to give it a home & what a lovely pattern...'sunburst' ??
I love a nice vintage t-towel & someone had taken the trouble to crochet the ends of this linen floral one. This will become a lined shopping bag & I'll incorporate the crochet as it is quite pretty. $2 for seems to be the going price for unused vintage t-towels but it wont cost much more to make the bag as I have everything I need :-)

Lovely vintage floral linen t-towel...

Pyrex carafe with lid..


  1. I love both of your finds. The teatowel has such gorgeous colours. Good prices too!

  2. Lovely finds that tea towel is so girly and pretty. dee x