Friday, 10 February 2012

Creating...Tasmina Snuggle Devil 2

With a big sigh of relief...yesterday I finished Tasmina Snuggle Devil 2. There were no major dramas & no swearing (that I remember) *phew*. I am extremely happy with the results & hopefully she will be off to her new home next week.
I had planned to make her out of vintage fabric but didn't have any predominately black material of a suitable thickness. The fabric used is an Ikea one that I bought 5 years ago to make cushions, which have now been re purposed (obviously!). I think the pattern has an indigenous art look to it so really suits my Aussie critter theme of the moment.
With regards to my sewing this year my plan is to use as much of my stash as possible & only buy essentials (hopefully on special or other peoples cast-offs) like threads, elastic etc...but...I would love a decent needle threader & a bias binding maker like the ones seen in American craft books...very nifty! My stash is a combination of vintage & more modern bits & pieces. Some were clothes that my Mum & her Mum (Mumma) made or bought that I just love the fabric of...a lot is from op shops & of course lots that I've bought from sewing shops over the last 20 odd years to make clothes & soft furnishings with & have remanents of. I have old buttons, bits of lace & ribbons & ancient ric-rack (a lot of the rick-rac seems to have grown very weak unfortunately). Anyway...that is the grand plan which I actually find exciting & inspiring, plus I borrowed a heap of craft books from the library to learn some new skills & of course ogle other peoples ideas!
Back to Tasmina 2 who has been waiting patiently on the side-lines to have her picture posted...

Tasmina 2...front view

Tasmina 2...back view

Ready for my close-up!!


  1. aahhhh she is fab ;-)) Love her face. She is just waiting for someone to love and cuddle her now. dee x

  2. She is off to Tasmania (our Southern most State...but you probably knew that Dee ;-) ) this week to a lovely new to buy her plane ticket on Monday...haha
    Nina x

  3. How sweet. Just look at that face. x