Friday, 10 February 2012

Competition for 13...???

I'm excited that my blog is growing slowly but surely! I love competitions, even if I don't win, so I'm thinking that as I like the number 13 (many don't)...when I have 13 members/peeps/followers...I will have my first competition...

Something old,
Something new (handmade),
Something op-shopped,
Something to read (whether crafty or maybe a good old Aussie novel),
Something from my stash of fabrics & stuff,
If I pick you there will be questions about what you like, to make up the perfect parcel! spread the word...this comp will be open worldwide!
Neens x


  1. I'll help you along with your goal of 13 followers Nina and I might be able to rustle up a friend or two! :)

    p.s. If that's your own creation in your blog header then he's just beautiful and you're very clever!

  2. Thankyou Pam :-) Much appreciated!
    The elephant, Elly, is a creation of mine. I wrote about her a few weeks ago so you'll have to read her story, she's pretty special!