Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Creating...New Snugglebuddy

I spent last week working on some ideas for a range of Aussie animal inspired snugglebuddies. I decided that I would improve *eye-roll* on my original design and add separate limbs & tails. My first design was my interpretation of a female Tasmanian Devil who by chance will be moving to Tasmania (when the design is tweaked to my satisfaction...'nother eye-roll) . All started well...

Happy with the pattern...check. Happy with the features &
extremities...check. Hehe, all goes well!
Everything seemed to be working well & the construction coming along quickly. I had decided to stitch & stuff the limbs & tail separately & then sew them into the seams when the body was inside out. I was getting very excited, pumped with adrenalin, thinking I would be finished before I had to pick up Mousie from school (Friday)...Oh, dear *head scratch* on earth is everything going to fit in that cavity while I sew the body together?? To cut a long story of swearing, unpicking, re-sewing, swearing, adjusting, head scratching, clock watching, a bit lot more swearing, a very fast walk to school *mutter, mutter*, short...I finally got Tasmina (cute, huh!) finished & apologised to Mousie for being cranky & banning her from the workroom until I was finished.

Tasmina front...

Tasmina back.

When I invited Mousie to come & 'check Tasmina out', she said "Why have you made a girl vampire Mummy?". I replied " She's not a vampire. Tassie devils have some very long fang-like teeth!". Mousie promptly started chasing me around the room with Tasmina saying "I vant to suck your blood...aaaaaaah!"...Good grief!! A bit later on when Daddy Rat came home from work, Mousie yelled out "Hey Mum, where's the thing you made that sucks? I want to show Daddy!"....Ahahaha...thanks for the encouragement oh child of mine, I know where you live!
I was all ready to email Allana from 'High Maintenance Hippy' (who along with her little munchkin are adopting Tasmina & also being an alternative sounding board) to let her know I'd finished my 'sample' when I realised that Tasmina looked like she was ready to do either an Irish jig or one of those jumps where you click your heels together sideways....grrrrr...with all my mucking around the legs where skewiff! Not good enough I'm I'm anal, what of it ;-)
What have I learnt from this? Don't try and change too many things on a fail safe pattern at the one time! OR...If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
The good news is (Allana, if your reading) Tasmina Snuggle Devil 2 is redesigned, cut out & ready to be decorated & put together...phew :-)

Tasmina 1, chilling out & catching a breeze
on our front veranda.

Mousie of course has decided to adopt Tasmina 1 herself & has been proudly showing her the neighbourhood & sharing her bed...One happy ending xxx


  1. I love the fabric! what a cool cat indeed, way beyond my sewing skills! x

  2. Love the fabric you have used!! Cute cat!! : )

  3. Thankyou girls, but...hahaha...she is a Tasmanian Devil...They are very cat/bear like Aussie critters. Tasmina 2 looks less cat-like & will soon be off to her new home :-)
    The fabric is an Ikea one that I bought 5 years ago for cushions, but as you can see has been repurposed ;-)