Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Creating...The lovely NinaV elephant

I want to introduce the special lady that heads my blog...*drum roll*...the lovely Elly. I made Elly for a very close friend of mine, Jen, as a birthday present (grown-up toy), not only because she loves elephants but because she'd been going through a very, very crappy time in her life. I think elephants are beautiful creatures that represent strength, strong bonds & support, & a very wise dignity. And of course there is the old saying that elephants never forget, so I wanted Jen to remember that no matter how far apart we roamed I would always be her supportive & loving ya Jen xxx

The lovely Elly is based on a pattern I found in a fantastic craft book first published in 1957 :
'Toys For Your Delight' by Winsome Douglass (what a fab name she has). I was lucky enough to find this book at a local Lifeline 'Bookfest' two years ago. (Bookfest is a charity bookfair that in Ipswich runs for three days & has thousands of donated books to rummage through...absolute bliss when it's not too crowded!). I love to collect books, mostly old history & craft/decorating ones. Oh & kids books too!
Neens xxx


  1. aahh she is lovely and what a wonderful friend you are. dee x

  2. Thanks Dee :-) As you know, with your close knit group of friends...really good friends can be far & few between, so they're pretty special people! Nina x