Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday, Saturday...Saturday's alright!

What does everyone get up to on a Saturday? Mousie & I spent most of the day over at our good friend's home, a newbie to blogging, Lisa ( ) & her family. We had such a relaxing day! We girls (2 generations) chatted about pretty serious stuff involving pretty much how friggin incompetent the Government policies involving families & children are...not really relaxing ;-)  
Besides that we did have lots of laughs & ate yummy food while the 3 girls donned gumboots & played with the chooks & dog etc....
Besides that, Mousies' favourite dolly had her 2nd birthday today so we made her some presents & had a bit of a celebration!

Oh! For me?

Happy birthday card for Flossie..

Flossie's birthday dress ...back view.

Flossie's birthday dress front view...

Of course the doll clothes were designed & made by NinaV & to be honest they were really quick to make. If anyone is interested in 14"-14 1/2 " baby doll clothes patterns I would be interested in maybe doing a barter for other patterns or something similar!!?? Neens xx


  1. aahhh what a sweet post sounds like a lovely day was had ;-)) dee x

  2. Hehehe yes Neens It was lovely..I will have to post the pic of Flossy's Birthday Lunch! Our many cups of Chai, our vegetable quiche, Blackforest cheesecake, crackers cheese and your homemade hommus topped off with a small glass of Crimson Cab made for a very lovely day with you and your mousie for a visit..Mumma P doesnt get the chance to have girl time she was very pleased! xxx