Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Creating...Kirsten Snuggle Koala

I have a new 'Snugglebuddy' for my Aussie series to introduce...the groovy Kirsten Snuggle Koala... 

This is a native tree but not one koalas usually
like to feast from. Kirsten just thought she'd
check out our backyard wildlife...

She is made from a recycled pair of 80's woman's trousers, oddments of felt, and the floral 'belly' is from some leftover ikea fabric. As I was working on her I thought "how groovy & 60's does she look...yeah baby!"...

Felt pieces are hand stitched but the flower
'belly' is machine stitched around the flower
petals & circumference.

I named her Kirsten after an old friend that I grew up with. We learnt to sew on her Grandma's old singer treadle sewing machine & boy did we have some laughs! ;-)
I haven't seen Kirsten for many years but hope to catch up with her again one day. xxx

Kirsten posing by the Janome...not a
treadle in sight....hahaha!

Stay tuned in the next few days for Kevin Snuggle Koala, Kirsten's brother...


  1. aahhh she is fabulous ;-)) Love the little flower in her to a sweet touch. Very retro looking indeed. dee x

  2. Thanks Dee. The retro look wasn't even intentional, she just progressed that way, but I love how she turned hip & groovy Koala chic! ;-)
    Nina x