Thursday, 16 February 2012

Creating...Vintage t-towel, bag

I blogged yesterday about this lovely vintage t-towel that I found at our local op shop...

...and said that I planned to make it into a shopping bag...well, 'she' be...

I cut the t-towel in half so both the front & back picture would be upright; added the crotcheted pieces & sewed it together with the top joining hem already ironed. The red lining & handles are recycled from a medium weight red cotton that was a cloth I had made for under our (fake) Christmas tree in 2006. I am super pleased with the results (I don't think the photos quite do it justice) & will include this as the 'handmade' part of my prize when I have my first competition to say, 'thankyou for following' :-)...Neens xxx


  1. Nina , that is just gorgeous! It's like a little bit of summer on a grey Winter's day here in England.

  2. That really is a lovely bag Nina! The red lining picks it up so well, and I love how hppy it looks. :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following.

  3. Ha! It actually looks happy rather than hppy! :)

  4. ooh! great bag. Makes me think of hawanian prints!