Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A pledge to make one item a month

Today I joined the pledge list of Annie over at to make one handmade item a month for 2012. I also joined the flickr group showcasing all the wonderful handmade items. So that was two firsts for me as a newbie blogger...hooray for me! ;-)

I now have my own flickr stream...well it's only a puddle so far...I shall add more photos in the next few days...  These are my NinaV cushions that have become my January handmade...
1. I made these 40cm square, zippered cushions for my eldest daughter from new cotton print that reminds me of abstract Aussie flora.
2. These are the same size & made from material sourced from our local Lifeline op-shop, they are now at their new home with my son & his new wife.
3. The same size again, but recycled from a skirt my Mum made in about 1970. I'm keeping this & going to make some more, including some patchwork ones to use all this lovely material (there was also a matching jacket).
Neens xxx

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