Monday, 23 January 2012


Today was back to school for Mousie & many other Qld kids. It was amazing to be able to walk through the loungeroom to the kitchen & see everything still in its place. No piles of Mousie crap paraphernalia (miscellaneous crap) on every available's the serenity!

Anyway, while having a peaceful afternoon tea...

My book of the moment ; My favourite Glasbake mug ;
Homemade gluten-free walnut/choc-chip bikkies on a
vintage sunflower tray (op-shopped) on vintage Aus flora
cloth made in Ireland (also op-shopped)
I said to myself "Self, you should use trays more often!"...because I do like to collect a nice vintage tray!    
Vintage melamine daisy tray

Vintage metal "country style" tray
50 cents at an estate sale

Vintage melamine fruit & wine tray...39cms high

Vintage melamine sunflower tray...32cms high

Neens xxx

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