Monday, 23 January 2012

Growing...Our vegetable patch

I was over admiring the pics from the garden allotment of Scarlet at which reminded me (thankyou Miss Scarlet) that I wanted to put together pics from our vegie patch & what we managed to produce in our small area. It is a work in progress as it was overgrown & full of weeds & rocks when we bought our house 2 years ago. Slowly but surely we're adding broken down poo & straw from our 5 lovely girls...

Miss Coco Chanel...Isn't she beautiful! lol

Here is some of what we managed to grow. As we don't use chemicals we had a few disasters in the first year, but gradually the good bugs are doing their work although there is still a nearly invisible tribe of grasshoppers who enjoy eating the basil...grasshopper pesto anyone?


Chook pen & vegie patch...

Ravishing radishes...

Pear-shaped zucchini...

Chook bath...not technically a vegetable but they do tend
to have pea-sized brains (at times)...hahaha

Crazy, curly carrots...

Succulent sweet, sweet, corn...

My gorgeous, single sunflower that decided
to pop up. Oh how I watched you grow &
patiently waited while your hundreds of seeds
grew plump & delicious.....

Stay tuned to see the story unfold of what became of my glorious sunflower...did it become an oven-tray full of sizzling, roasting seeds? Or maybe some wonderful extra virgin sunflower oil???


  1. oohh Miss coco channel is gorgeous and so soft and fluffy looking. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Its lovely to be able to grow your own vegs they taste so much better than shop brought ones. Enjoy your week, dee x

    1. Thanks Dee & your very welcome! I've been reading your blog for quite awhile & love seeing the clothes & quilts & other goodies you make. For a novice sewer you sure are a natural! My heart goes out to you & your boys...watching the health struggles (I can relate) & watching your strength as you just get on with living the best life you can (I shall raise a nice glass of red tomorrow for all the strong women/mothers during our family Australia day we get another deluge of rain...cheers!). Did you know Australia is leading the way in new treatments for rheumatoidarthritis? Maybe osteo will be close behind! Best wishes to you, Nina x

  2. Your garden looks amazing, what a great job you have done in such a short time, very inspiring :)

  3. OOh! That Silky Bantam's a looker! I had silky bantams when I was a kid. Great garden!