Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cooking...Australia Day Bread

Tomorrow is Australia Day & my wonderful (big) little brother (he is 6'5 while I'm 5'3) is bringing over lots of yummy goodies...prawns, lamb sausages, kangaroo steaks, gooey brie & stinky blue cheese, wines (beer for Daddy Rat) get the picture. So feeling a bit overwhelmed with his generosity I said I swap him some recently found op-shopped plates for the set I'm collecting for him (gorgeous NZ vintage ironstone made by Crown Lynn, called 'rambling rose'), some home-made rosemary pesto, some wonderful Aussie inspired sweets (desserts), various salads etc & home-made rosemary topped bread plus of course I would cook the BBQ & make everything look appetising. With all our rain & another few 100mm predicted for the next few days looks like BBQ will be oven & fry pan & big pot. Fear not as I had a plan B for the cooking time plan just in case *phew*...anyway I wanted to show-off my bread before I get dinner on & make said pesto!

Tested some with pickles, cheese & ham....yum, yum,yum!

'Rambling Rose' by Crown Lynn, NZ...dinner plates.

These are the first two plates that we gave Brother dear for Christmas just gone, which he loved. Mousie & I found 8 side-plates last week (in a totally different op-shop & town) for $1.60...bargain.
Off to the kitchen I

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